In 2023, only 28% of engineering students were women, a figure that has stagnated since 2013. In industry, women account for just 30%. This figure can be explained by stereotypes that are still present in people's minds (see the 2024 annual report on the state of sexism in France), or by the fact that they have been put off by the predominance of men. The starting point is female representation, and the end of clichés: yes, women are also cut out for industrial careers !

We strongly encourage young graduates and job seekers to join us. Draughtswoman, project manager, site manager, fitter... The industry is becoming more feminine, and we're well aware of our importance in this changing environment. We provide a healthy environment and career development opportunities for our female employees. It's a job that we all have to do in our companies to push those 30% up.

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