Household Waste

Design and crea­­­­­­tion of units for pre-proces­­­­­­sing, mecha­­­­­­ni­­­­­­cal-biolo­­­­­­gi­­­­­­cal sorting, bio-metha­­­­­­ni­­­­­­sa­­­­­­tion, compos­­­­­­ting, sree­­­­­­ning and compost refi­­­­­­ning.

Household waste - Hydrobudowa POLAND Household waste - Hydrobudowa POLAND

Oppo­­­­­­site, one of our main projects demons­­­­­­tra­­­­­­ting Vauché's produc­­­­­­tion capa­­­­­­city.

The house­­­­­­hold refuse sorting centre in Gdansk, POLAND, which has a 210 000 T/year waste proces­­­­­­sing capa­­­­­­city.

Household waste - Brixworth QATAR Household waste - Brixworth QATAR

Our opera­­­­­­tions are not limi­­­­­­ted to main­­­­­­land Europe! As you can see from this photo, we are able to design, manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture and deli­­­­­­ver sorting centres all across the globe. One example is this Qatri project in doha.

At this loca­­­­­­tion, we have a tonnage capa­­­­­­city of 80 T/hour, and 600 000 T/year!

To consult our various projects for the treat­­­­­­ment of house­­­­­­hold refuse, consult our reali­­­­­­za­­­­­­tion .