Industrial waste

Design and crea­­­tion of common indus­­­trial waste sorting centres

Sorting plant VEKA Sorting plant VEKA

  • Units for sludge treat­­­ment and stabi­­­li­­­sa­­­tion
  • Units for clini­­­cal waste decon­­­ta­­­mi­­­na­­­tion systems (ECOSTERYL® process)
  • Units for alter­­­na­­­tive fuel produc­­­tion from struc­­­tu­­­ral and wood waste.

See photo oppo­­­site : VEKA project in Vendoeuvre sur Barse (10) en France.

25 000 T/year of waste proces­­­sed.

Common indus­­­trial waste is all non-inert and non-hazar­­­dous waste gene­­­ra­­­ted by compa­­­nies, manu­­­fac­­­tu­­­ring plants, retai­­­lers, crafts­­­per­­­sons and service provi­­­ders; scrap-iron, non-ferrous metals, cart­­­board, glass, tectiles, wood, plas­­­tics, etc.

Provence Repurposing-1 Provence Repurposing-1

Photo oppo­­­site : PROVENCE REPURPOSING project in Istres (13) en France.

30T/h or 100 000 T/year.

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