Message from C.E.O

For a long esta­­­­bli­­­­shed family busi­­­­ness like ours sustai­­­­nable deve­­­­lop­­­­ment is not just an empty phrase. Even if we are only one of the links in the large envi­­­­ron­­­­men­­­­tal chain, we believe that our duty does not stop simply with the design and imple­­­­men­­­­ta­­­­tion of sorting processes. Our research team desi­­­­gns tomor­­­­row’s solu­­­­tions to serve our custo­­­­mers even better.

Stéphane Vauché Stéphane Vauché

If each of us, at his/her own level, pushes our stan­­­­dards and skills further, we can win this race against the clock which is to leave a clean planet for future gene­­­­ra­­­­tions toge­­­­ther. I feel all the more invol­­­­ved in this respon­­­­si­­­­bi­­­­lity today as I have control of the "Vauché” tradi­­­­tion.

35 years ago, we were precur­­­­sors in the imple­­­­men­­­­ta­­­­tion of instal­­­­la­­­­tions in France and since then we have been able to export this know-how beyond our borders. On the strength of this accu­­­­mu­­­­la­­­­ted expe­­­­rience after 200 instal­­­­la­­­­tions construc­­­­ted around the world, the men and women making up our company express their skills in the crea­­­­tion of more and more inno­­­­va­­­­tive units.

Today Vauché is a power­­­­ful, reliable and inno­­­­va­­­­tive leader in the service of the envi­­­­ron­­­­ment.

Stéphane Vauché