Design and crea­­­tion of clin­­­ker produc­­­tion centers

Clinker Clinker

Clin­­­ker is the solid resi­­­due remai­­­ning at the bottom of inci­­­ne­­­ra­­­tor cham­­­bers once waste combus­­­tion is comple­­­ted. It is compri­­­sed mainly of ashes, 5 to 10% miscel­­­la­­­neous non-combus­­­tible mate­­­rials (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, etc.) and unburnt mate­­­rials (certain types of paper found in clin­­­ker are still legible).

Household waste - Brixworth QATAR Household waste - Brixworth QATAR

At Vauché, we have for over ten years been crea­­­ting moder­­­ni­­­sed clin­­­ker treat­­­ment centers.

Shown oppo­­­site, one of our first centers crea­­­ted on the edge of the Persian Gulf, in Doha, QATAR, to be precise.

This center, which also processes house­­­hold refuse, has a tonnage capa­­­city of close to 600 000 T/year.

To consult our various projects for the treat­­­ment of clin­­­ker, consult our reali­­­za­­­tion.