The company

The VAUCHÉ company is loca­­­­­­ted at SEDAN in the Ardennes. It was foun­­­­­­ded in 1860. Its main acti­­­­­­vity at that time rela­­­­­­ted to the boiler making sector, orien­­­­­­ted toward the manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture of boilers, burners and other articles for the brewing indus­­­­­­try which was abun­­­­­­dant in our county in the XIXth century. Since then the company has signi­­­­­­fi­­­­­­cantly chan­­­­­­ged its sector of acti­­­­­­vity and for more than 40 years has been specia­­­­­­li­­­­­­zed in the manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture of sorting centres and all kinds of waste proces­­­­­­sing.

The head Office - VAUCHE The head Office - VAUCHE

In 1958, Vauché S.A.R.L. became VAUCHÉ S.A. and from the 1970s laun­­­­­­ched into the construc­­­­­­tion of higher added value special machines.

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In 1981 the company insti­­­­­­ga­­­­­­ted a conver­­­­­­sion of its acti­­­­­­vity into the manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture of equip­­­­­­ment for the treat­­­­­­ment of indus­­­­­­trial and domes­­­­­­tic waste. This high tech­­­­­­no­­­­­­logy equip­­­­­­ment enabled to company to attack the world­­­­­­wide export market.

In 2006 Stéphane Vauché became Chief Execu­­­­­­tive of the company.

Stéphane VAUCHÉ with Lula in Sao Paulo Stéphane VAUCHÉ with Lula in Sao Paulo

Today, the company that specia­­­­­­lises in the design and manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture of plants for the sorting, treat­­­­­­ment and recy­­­­­­cling of waste produces complete turn­­­­­­key units for local commu­­­­­­ni­­­­­­ties and private compa­­­­­­nies:

  • 40 years of expe­­­­­­rience
  • 250 instal­­­­­­la­­­­­­tions
  • 12 coun­­­­­­tries in coope­­­­­­ra­­­­­­tion

In 2010 the company proudly cele­­­­­­bra­­­­­­ted its 150 years of exis­­­­­­tence.