Food waste

Design and crea­­­­tion of units for compos­­­­ting, compost sorting and refi­­­­ning, bio-metha­­­­ni­­­­sa­­­­tion and air treat­­­­ment.

Eurovia-1 Eurovia-1
  • Units for bottom ash sorting and repur­­­­po­­­­sing
  • Units for sluddge treat­­­­ment and stabi­­­­li­­­­sa­­­­tion
  • Units for clini­­­­cal decon­­­­ta­­­­mi­­­­na­­­­tion systems (ECOSTERYL® process)
  • Units for alter­­­­na­­­­tive fuel produc­­­­tion from struc­­­­tu­­­­ral and wood waste.
All recyclable food waste All recyclable food waste

Food waste is animal or plant-deri­­­ved waste. Food waste is plant waste, farm waste, waste from the food-proces­­­sing and food and beve­­­rage indus­­­tries, and makes up a large portion of house­­­hold refuse.

Food waste is charac­­­te­­­ri­­­sed by total biode­­­gra­­­da­­­bi­­­lity. It is compos­­­table, meaning it can be proces­­­sed through compos­­­ting or metha­­­ni­­­sa­­­tion. Food waste proces­­­sing solu­­­tions are varied, and can be applied at the indi­­­vi­­­dual or commu­­­nity level.

To consult our various projects for the reali­­­­za­­­­tion of food waste sorting centers, consul­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­t our reali­­­­za­­­­tion.