Our trades and skills

Our acti­­­­­­vity is the design and reali­­­­­­za­­­­­­tion of complete turn­­­­­­key units for the treat­­­­­­ment, recy­­­­­­cling and reuse of waste. We are also specia­­­­­­lists in moder­­­­­­ni­­­­­­za­­­­­­tion / reno­­­­­­va­­­­­­tion of sorting plants, with seve­­­­­­ral instal­­­­­­la­­­­­­tions for custo­­­­­­mers with whom we have been working more than 40 years.

The Vauché company repre­­­­­­sents

  • More than 160 years of exis­­­­­­tence,
  • A company enti­­­­­­rely dedi­­­­­­ca­­­­­­ted to the design of units for waste sorting and recy­­­­­­cling,
  • A signi­­­­­­fi­­­­­­cant design capa­­­­­­city : a staff of 30 engi­­­­­­neers, resear­­­­­­chers, desi­­­­­­gners and draughts­­­­­­men,
  • Expe­­­­­­rience of more than 40 years in the field of sorting and the mana­­­­­­ge­­­­­­ment of signi­­­­­­fi­­­­­­cant projects.

We offer you solu­­­­­­tions in all areas of sorting and recy­­­­­­cling of solid waste

  • Selec­­­­­­tive collec­­­­­­tion
  • House­­­­hold waste
  • Indus­­­­­­trial waste
  • Clinkers
  • Produc­­­­­­tion of RDF
  • Compos­­­­­­ting and Refi­­­­­­ning
  • Infec­tious clini­cal waste
Study office Study office

When commis­­­­­­sio­­­­­­ned

  • A projects depart­­­­­­ment that offers you suitable tailo­­­­­­red, effi­­­­­­cient and inno­­­­­­va­­­­­­tive solu­­­­­­tions,
  • Mastery of all the tech­­­­­­niques of compu­­­­­­ter-inte­­­­­­gra­­­­­­ted mate­­­­­­rial hand­­­­­­ling, sorting and recy­­­­­­cling of waste,
  • More than 250 instal­­­­­­la­­­­­­tions in France and abroad with proces­­­­­­sing units with a sorting capa­­­­­­city of up to 1,200 tonnes of waste per day,
  • Design and manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture of our own equip­­­­­­ment,
  • Incor­­­­­­po­­­­­­ra­­­­­­tion of speci­­­­­­fic equip­­­­­­ment, deve­­­­­­lo­­­­­­ped by appro­­­­­­ved part­­­­­­ners in the sorting and recy­­­­­­cling field,
  • Great flexi­­­­­­bi­­­­­­lity and produc­­­­­­tion capa­­­­­­city.

  • After instal­­­­­­la­­­­­­tion

    • After Sales Service : Recon­­­­­­di­­­­­­tio­­­­­­ning of equip­­­­­­ment or complete lines
    • Spare Parts: Upgra­­­­­­ding of equip­­­­­­ment or complete lines
    • Preven­­­­­­tive / cura­­­­­­tive main­­­­­­te­­­­­­nance contracts Inspec­­­­­­tion, assis­­­­­­tance and advice
    • On-site trou­­­­­­ble­­­­­­shoo­­­­­­ting : Trai­­­­­­ning under Voca­­­­­­tio­­­­­­nal Trai­­­­­­ning schemes

    Our After Sales Service is at your dispo­­­­­­sal for the supply of spare parts and wear parts as well as to perform complete diagno­­­­­­sis of your faci­­­­­­li­­­­­­ties, upgrades follo­­­­­­wing new regu­­­­­­la­­­­­­tions, recon­­­­­­di­­­­­­tio­­­­­­ning, etc.

    A team of profes­­­­­­sio­­­­­­nals, backed by the compa­­­­­­ny’s depart­­­­­­ments and by our appro­­­­­­ved part­­­­­­ners, is atten­­­­­­tive to your needs and your requi­­­­­­re­­­­­­ments in all areas rela­­­­­­ted to after-sales, spare parts supply, etc.

    Storage of spare parts-1 Storage of spare parts-1

    Our poten­­­­­­tial

    Our speci­­­­­­fi­­­­­­city and strength are our auto­­­­­­no­­­­­­mous exper­­­­­­tise and mastery of the entire process. We work with you to define your process. We offer you inno­­­­­­va­­­­­­tive solu­­­­­­tions, adap­­­­­­ted to your expec­­­­­­ta­­­­­­tions and your requi­­­­­­re­­­­­­ments. We design and manu­­­­­­fac­­­­­­ture our equip­­­­­­ment and we install and perform the commis­­­­­­sio­­­­­­ning to deli­­­­­­ver you a turn­­­­­­key unit.

    Today this evolu­­­­­­tion of our struc­­­­­­ture and skills allows us to compete and obtain very signi­­­­­­fi­­­­­­cant contracts in France and abroad and guaran­­­­­­tee your satis­­­­­­fac­­­­­­tion and opti­­­­­­mal opera­­­­­­ting effi­­­­­­ciency both on new lines and by the reno­­­­­­va­­­­­­tion of exis­­­­­­ting lines.