IMW (Infectious Clinical Waste)

Plan­­ning, design and crea­­tion of IMW (Infec­­tious Clini­­cal Waste) sorting center.

Container for IMW Container for IMW

Medi­­cal waste at infec­­tious and assi­­mi­­la­­ted risks are the medi­­cal waste which :

• Either pose a risk of infec­­tion, due to the fact that they contain viable microor­­ga­­nisms or their toxins, which are know or relia­­bly belie­­ved by their type, quan­­tity and meta­­bo­­lism to cause disease in humans or other living orga­­nisms ;

• Or, even in the absence of risk of infec­­tion, fall under one the follo­­wing cate­­go­­ries : 1. Sharps waste, which may or may not have been in contact with biolo­­gi­­cal product; 2. Partially used or expi­red thera­peu­tic blood products; 3. Human anato­mi­cal waste, repre­sen­ting non-iden­ti­fiable human body parts.

The regu­la­tions stipu­late the IMW follow the appro­priate specia­li­sed stream.